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Southern Engineering is a proven leader and trusted expert in geotechnical engineering that provides extensive consulting and testing services leveraging more than 25 years of industry experience. We work with individuals, businesses, organizations and corporations in both the private and public sector including healthcare, schools and municipalities. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of applications, allowing us to accommodate smaller projects, as well as massive mega-projects, and everything in between.

With deep industry knowledge that covers all aspects of geotechnics, our analytical and applied capability and level of innovation is exceptional. This expertise results in superior solutions to even the most complex problems.

At our core we specialize in geotechnical engineering, geotechnical drilling, in-situ testing, laboratory testing, construction materials testing and special inspections (IBC Chapter 17). We would be proud to share references and prove ourselves on your next project knowing that we will become a valued resource and trusted partner. Southern Engineering – building on a foundation of excellence.


Serve as a true partner and trusted resource for our valued clients by helping them identify and implement robust solutions to their most complex engineering challenges while bringing new ideas to life through experience, innovation and imagination.

Founder/President/Principal Engineer Southern Engineering

Rick Finnen

“I created Southern Engineering as an opportunity to partner with my clients as their trusted expert and resource. My goal is to help them make better and more informed decisions that reduce risk and increase overall project success. By solving the most complex engineering challenges and bringing new ideas and innovation to life, we provide clients with cost-effective solutions that yield more robust and efficient outcomes. Whether we’re working on a relatively small project or a massive, mega project, from the ground up, Southern Engineering instills a higher level of confidence in every project.”

Southern Engineering was founded in 2015 to provide outstanding client service and practical, experienced-based consulting services to our clients. Our roots are deeply embedded in the Mid-Atlantic having provided consulting services over the past 25 years on hundreds of projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Working with clients of all sizes from small to large to mega-size projects, we deliver the expertise clients need to put their projects on solid ground.

Southern Engineering brings more than 25 years of geotechnical engineering expertise to your project with practical and proven solutions that stand the test of time. Established and well-known throughout the Mid-Atlantic, our vast experience encompasses everything from small projects to massive, mega-projects – and everything in between. When you need to keep your project on schedule and on budget, call the trusted experts that will put your project on solid ground.